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Originally Posted by I<3killerloli's
^ Well, you guys seem to have a fair knowledge of Japanese. Maybe when the final chapter of the game comes out, someone will try to hack the disk and translate it into English. I remember playing an English version of Detective Club and it was that game that got me into visual novels.
I only wish I could speak/read Japanese. Playing the game with a dictionary would be so tedious, and even if I were to get the game, it would be a waste of money unless I knew how to read it (though the artwork seems woth it.)
One last question, is the game in kanji or katakana? The later is more friendly to Japanese newcomers like myself.
Thanks for answering these by the way
All "normal" Japanese is a mix of kanji, hiragana, and katakana - not one or the other. If you can read the news site with no problem, then you can play any Japanese game. (And please don't ask how to enable Shift-JIS as I don't know.)

As for the artwork...uh...I would say it's unique in the way that you get what you pay for. Strangely however, you become accustomed to Ryukishi07-san's drawing that it becomes a way.
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