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Originally Posted by ChibiMenos View Post
-She might not like it right away. It could be because you're not very good yet (if this is the case, hopefully she will tell you, and maybe suggest that you practice kissing together ), it might just be because it's not how she imagined it would be (this happened with me), or maybe it's because she was all tense and nervous about it (more likely to happen if you ask her for permission first), or it could just take some time for her to react. After my first kiss, I felt nothing really--but the next day my brain felt all melted and weird, a little like when I went into shock after falling off my bike and opening up my knee, and I couldn't stop thinking about him...
I'd like to add to this that you might not like the kiss right away, either! My girlfriend and I are each other's firsts, really. Our first kiss was about a week after we'd started dating. After the act, I was sort of underwhelmed. After all, aren't kisses supposed to be something amazing? It was special, but I didn't feel like it was something I'd get into much. I'd resigned myself to thinking that maybe I just wasn't a kissing sort of guy. Silly as it may sound I checked websites on how to kiss, and later my girlfriend and I got it down properly.

So if you have a great first time, good for you! If not, practice makes perfect.
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