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Originally Posted by npal View Post
Well, unless the girl in question is like Suzumiya Haruhi, who never rejected anyone, but can dump you in 5 minutes

Other than that, wishes for the best
Haha, don't scare the poor guy. Best of wishes dude, don't screw it up by changing your personality like some guys do, she likes you for you ( hopefully ). Just remember that.

Originally Posted by Darkman.exe213 View Post
I decided that I should probably move onto someone else. The girl I liked NEVER contacts me first, meaning she probably never saw me as more than a friend in the first place. Also, we have VERY different interests and very different friends. Even if we did have a relationship, it probably wouldn't have lasted long.
Especially since your using the term "move on" so casually. If you really liked a girl it wouldn't exactly be that easy...I myself haven't fallen for many girls, only one in fact, which I ran out of chances when she moved. Single and quite frankly, enjoying it.
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