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Seeing Saras appeared in the OP I can conclude that the anime will cover at least 3 volumes.
I just hoped they will also animate vol.5. SHIT WILL BE GLORIOUS.
About Kyoko,
In volume 1, she is defeated but manage to flee with help of the King of the Night.
Later, she constantly picking a fight with Ayumu and act innocently in front of Dai-sensei.
In volume 3, she got lectured by Ayumu and surrender by her own will. She is sentenced to several hundred (?) years of imprisonment. This imprisonment doesn't mean she got locked in the jail but got her magic suppressed and is not permitted to go outside of Virie.
In volume 5, Ayumu invited Dai-sensei and Kyoko to his class party to discuss Chris's weakness. She took this chance to escape using Dai-sensei's magic because after several hundred years after she will be released, all of the person she love will gone/die. There's no point of it. Ayumu defeated her, groped her breast, and tell her he will wait for her (he' a zombie anyway). Haruna also hugged her and tell her she will also wait for her. She, AGAIN, surrendered.
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