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Originally Posted by mangatron View Post
It is a good question, but it has its answers. Not concrete answers, but they do make sense. For example, let's say Hare's magic bandages can heal wounds like open cuts and dismembered limbs, yet Ayase has a perfect pair of yummy looking legs, they are in fact very much intact and usable as we've just seen in ep 13.

What it amounts to, is a mental thing. It happens in real life, where someone loses the will to use their legs due to an accident or something. As we can see, Ayase is not paralyzed nor are her legs rotting to the point where it needs amputation, so that leads me to think that there's something traumatic that Ayase has yet to get over, so until then.... Void Prosthetics ftw

(I might have missed it, but have they ever explained what forced Ayase into a wheelchair?)
With the void evolving, I could think that the functions could evolve too: Hare's bandages might be able to universally heal any injury.

But yeah, what Ayase needs now is rehab and not void bandages....
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