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Originally Posted by dkellis View Post
This is why I don't like to write action.

Spoiler for Lyrical Melancholy Chapter 2 Part 1:
It's a good effort, and I like how the charecters are rollin' and entertaining. The combat does seem somewhat... dry... but it's pieced together alright and we can tell what's going on. Somehow, I'm thinking dialogue and interactions are your strong points.

Meanwhile, here's Franz and Naomi's 200th hours:
Spoiler for 200th Hour:

Well, it's done. Worked on it through the night, through fatigue and bleary eyes. Not my best

work, at least to me. *sighs*
God, 3.05 AM here. I was wanting to get it done before midnight. Gotta get up in 3 hours too -_-

Explanations: O'Neil is making an inspection, Lance was doing a hostage rescue demo. Master Chief - two interpretations. One: he's so badass he never had a 200th hour. Two: He's had it and he doesn't know he's had it.

Well, night, y'all.
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