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Yo, Kha! The CV of Mikhail Dornitz for Rebuild of Strikers!

Spoiler for Mikhail Dornitz, Intelligence Officer:

Also, a quick intro short for Mikhail:
Spoiler for Three Guys and a bottle of Vodka:

...okay, what the HELL did I just write?

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
The Father
The Son
And the Holy Spirit
Together, they are one

...Lowe, as the son of a pastor, it is my sworn duty to shoot you.

...once I stop laughing. :P


Interesting piece... and once again FlameS delivers the insesuto
ZOMG :incest: :P I'm surprised he hasn't commented on the leanings between Franz and Naomi...


Dere Santa Soma is

Although I didn't expect Char in the background
Lol, no. That's Sergei and a cannon fodder Teiren pilot. But yes, Dere Santa Soma is love. Though she can't beat the awesomeness of Tsunderekko Talia/Naomi!

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post

lolol, nice one. *saves*

Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Until her tsuntsun power appeared, of course.

Oh, my. I can imagine this now.
Haha, yes. Glad to see you arriving, and good to see you back!

Incidentally, there are new OFM shorts: Joint Training Pt.1 and Pt. 2 and 200th Hour (the last of which is Naomi-centric, showing younger deredere Naomi before she devolped her tsuntsun).

There's also Sorairo Days, which Glen has just finished yesterday... I'll be updating the OFM Fic Page soon with the fics.


*grins* I couldn't have done it without Lowe's help. ^_^
Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Because I have something to do with SRW:

Oh, boy, I can't imagine how awesome this really is.

Need Irui's version, though.

I'm still pissed that Zengar lost to Gar helmsman and Hieh and was knocked out of ROUND FUCKING ONE of SaiGar 2008.

Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post
*waves* Welcome back, Hikki-kun!!!

*cough* anyway, I finally finished Sorairo Days. I'm so happy now, I can go to sleep XD.

Spoiler for The Liberation of Belzac, Part Two:
Sweet, it's done!

Nice touch with Master Chief taking out mages with his bare hands (because he's just that awesome), and lol at Leena and Erick: "I'm just that good."

One minor quibble though: Naomi keeps calling Franz "neesan". It should be niisan or niichan, since it's weird for her to be calling Franz "sister." Unless she's making a point to him. <.< The last section, snapshots of the OFM post-mission, was also good, and I lol at Ed and Ein. Good job!

(also, great lol with Psycho and Leena. And is that some forboding I see, with Franz needing to rest after using cartridges?)
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