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Originally Posted by The Starfall Knight
Riker, I'd like to request an animated signature

image: Some kind of animation using that or maybe even the cheerleading motions.
background: The SOS Brigade clubroom (seen in the ED sequence)
text: "The Starfall Knight: Proud Haruhiism Convert" in whatever text/color would complement the background.
notes: Just have Haruhi off to the left and the text on the bottom right. I give you creative reign over the rest of it.

Please and thank you. ^_^

Sorry if my description wasn't as detailed as you wanted it, it's my first time asking for anything of the sort.

Are you refering to this for the background... you mind if I use the one bellow and place her behind the table... same positon as Yuki only on the left... or more likely in the middle... I might be able to split the image to make Yuki turn her head from time to time...

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