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Originally Posted by Shay
Omg! What a dumb ass.
He broke almost every rule In the flash.
But why O why did It have to be a Naruto fan to make this mistake? Havent we got a bad enough reputation as It Is? Geez!

No we haven't obviously. The Naruto fanboys shall doom the earth and everyone living on it. Did you here that, you fanboys? DOOM!

We must do something before they do anything really stupid like sayiing that whoever says Naruto is average is evil, or make a thread about it slipping in quality and breaking out in a flame war between two people which one of them being the thread starter, or become even whinier if it's one day late, or perhaps posting spam about a Smurf changing color when it's choking! :Whoops! Too late for all of that. :
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