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Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
Unfortunately that movie cannot save everyone. In the Naruto Forum someone posted Poper Posting!

Even if we make the viewing of this movie mandatory and everyone watches it - and loves it - there still will be people who can't follow that advice.

(Y'know the one peice of advice NOT in that movie is please try to spell you topic title correctly or people will snigger every time they read something like "Poper Posting" :snigger: )
it cracks me up every time I read the thread's title. Poor guy, he was playing nice and it backfired, people just watch things but hardly read them, its a shame, really.

Shay I think you deserve worst j/k but seriously Naruto fans are getting to new levels of narutardism (LOL a new word) every day it passes, soon youll be the most hated people in the comunity sorry to say that, but stereotypes hit hard, even in a forum like this.

oh did you notice that there are stains present even in those screens NSW posted? creepy indeed
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