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I do understand that studios need tricks to save budget in order to see the light after the tunnel. However, in the case of SnI, it was used nearly all the time, to the point I was wondering if they had a budget to begin with.
Take Seto no Hanayome for instance: it doesn't have a stellar budget either, but Gonzo at least -tried- to put a coherent execution, and used the tricks appropriately (mainly: slapstick comedy having a largely lower FPS, but not noticeable at the first glance due to the motion impression and "fast and furious" context).

In comparison, we have SnI with a average design consistency but an abnormally cheap environnment setting. If we assume that the characters weren't that colorful and amusing, there would be just... nothing to relish on, and that content was thanks to the original material.
You might say that the context isn't the same, but we have something similar to this: Seitokai no Yakuindomo, very similar to SnI, aside for an obvious drastic different humor. And we manage to have a lot more transitions, scenes and environnement despite we are also dealing with yet another student council body.

That would have been fine in the 90's, but I'm afraid it just doesn't cut it, even for a comedy show.
And if I were to poke at Higurashi season 1 budget, well... (and it isn't fault to the period... we had better consistency than that from much older series, like X1999, Cowboy Bebop etc)

It is just like that: that studio, regardless of their director, has a very obnoxious tendency at cutting corners with the budget and composition, even when the project itself is ambitious and very likely to sell (only few exceptions such like Kenshin OVA).
This comparison might look unfair but... I don't understand why they just can't dish out the budget for a movie like UBW, while ufotable could do that for Kara no Kyoukai. To begin with F/SN is arguably much more popular than KnK due to the original material vintage, and yet not only Deen doesn't try, but falls flat, whereas ufotable manages to make an impressive performance SEVEN times with SEVEN directors.
Deen knew they could sell with that movie considering the fanbase of F/Sn (and they surely did quite a bit considering the blu ray sales), but they really didn't try and simply expected the fans to take the bait.

I wouldn't bet on it to be frank, considering JC staff isn't really good at adaptation either, but that's for another thread I guess.
Seriously, do you have to write so much?
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