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Originally Posted by Rozen Van Kaizer View Post
People would definitely tolerate Yozora more if the animators included these 1 LITTLE SCENE. It could even be just 1 FRAME FOR JUST 3 SECONDS long for all I care. This expression is priceless!
I understand what you're suggesting by this frame/scene, and I think I agree with you that this is what the story is ultimately trying to say about Yozora's teasing of Sana: that it's sort of "we tease those we love". This is also suggested by Yozora's comment in the previous frame, "there's no helping her". It's sort of a "she's got to learn to be able to take it so she can start really dishing back". At the very least, it's not because she hates her, or she really deeply believes all the insults she dishes out. (Though I do think she's been a bit jealous of Sana since day one and that plays a small part.)

But by the same token, I should point out that this scene can be taken a different way if you're looking at it differently. You could say that scene shows Sena running of crying, and Yozora being pleased with herself for having done so. I personally don't think that's what it says (as it isn't consistent with the overall message of the show), but I think people could see it that way if it more closely matches their perception/interpretation.

In any case, as was said earlier, I agree that general reaction/opinion will change when the show starts developing her character further, which I have no doubt will happen at some point (I might guess they'll be something by the end of this season, though that's without knowing the source).
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