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Originally Posted by Duo Maxwell View Post
Does that mean when you hate someone who is loved by many, that person is overrated? Does it feel good to like underrated character?
I agree with what you're trying to say in the first question, but I also cannot saying he's wrong in thinking Sena is overrated.

Why? Because whatever definitions or criteria (for the character to fulfill) for one to consider a character as overrated or underrated are determined entirely by the individual. He has his reasons (which you may not agree with. Heck, even I don't agree with them), the same as you have yours.

Just saying.

As for your second question, I don't think anyone's reasons for liking a character would have any thing to do with their popularity.

I liked Yozora from day one, and her character only got more fascinating and complex with every novel (compared to the others, who are mostly one dimensional characters since the start). And that had nothing to do with her being popular or not (as if that has any ground for justifying one's love for a character).

"Then, I'll treat you as more important than a hundred people. Even if there were a, a million or a trillion people, even if it means standing against the entire world, I'll still be your friend no matter what." Taka (Kodaka) to Sora (Yozora), "Past", vol 1.
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