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The comedy comes from the banter between the characters rather than from any physical actions. Yakumo has a biting wit that he doesn't hesitate to use against Haruka or the cop, Gotou. Haruka doesn't say too many of her cutting thoughts out loud. (She's too well-bred for that.) But her reaction thoughts to Yakumo can be quite sarcastic. Meanwhile, Yakumo and Gotou have a running battle of wits whenever they meet. The episode gave us some pieces of the comic interplay. Sarcastic references to Yakumo as a cat. Gotou's hints about Yakumo finally almost getting a girlfriend. But there's a lot more banter that accompanies this case that was dropped due to episode time limits. In the novel and the manga, the case is still treated seriously, but there's more down time between the incidents that allows for more comic banter.

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