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Originally Posted by Sinn View Post
Yeah but which part of the OP though, all of them Oh well nevermind.
Well, according to certain sources, he sings the whole OP. Although these sources could be wrong.

Originally Posted by White Manju Bun View Post
Love Yakumo's little quirk

I forgot how much half the characters in this remind me of Ghost Hunt characters
Yakumo's sarcastic side is what I like most about him (aside from his hotness, that is ).

I keep expecting the scary, mysterious atmosphere from GH jumping out at me during the whole first episode of STY but that never came. I don't think this or any series to come will ever compare to GH's awesomeness but Yakumo eye-candy does make up for it. Anyway, I suppose it's too soon to, with only 13 episodes, there isn't a whole lot of room for any serious plot development - which kind of sucks since this series has great potential to be a 26-episoder.
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