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Yes, she's a model case, but that still has nothing to do with why they'd tell her everything. All Mika knew was "AA". Even after stating what AA stood for, Mika was confused. It wasn't until Kasei went into further detail and started threatening her that she started freaking out and trying to leave.

And them wanting to go public "in the future" doesn't mean they have to do it now. By the story's timeline, they said that less than 2 years ago. That's not even 10% of the time Sibyl's been in existence.

It's rushing things, pure and simple. Especially since we learned in this episode alone that there was another plan in place to replace Sibyl that was all but guaranteed to have been sabotaged by Sibyl, and likely is only considered a conspiracy theory because the average person believes Sibyl to be an autonomous machine rather than a collection of criminal illuminati.
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