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Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post
Happy Birthday Klash-San
Originally Posted by Risa chan View Post
Happy Birthday ^^
Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Flash post:

Happy Birthday Klash!
Originally Posted by escimo View Post
Happy Birthday!
Originally Posted by Moonie View Post
Happy Birthday ~su!
Originally Posted by capture View Post
Hapi buffday Klash :cheers:
Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
Happy birthday, Klashikari san.
Two mods with the same day as birthday, it's not something we see everyday.
Originally Posted by Katocchi View Post
Happy Birthday ..
Haha, thank you everyone. Only one thing that really doesn't cut with me: It reaaaaally makes me feel old for weird reason

Originally Posted by Cierra View Post
Pelli and Klash have their bd on the same day! That is so nice!
Klash, ur work in the forums especialy in the umineko thread is amazing. Wish you health, happiness and good luck in ur future plans!
Also make sure you'll enjoy ur bd! Don't forget to invite bern in your party!
Haha, thanks. I must say it wasn't always easy (I can't tell how many times I had to do some emergency delete regarding spoilers etc... so many bans for this silly thing OTZ).
For that reason, it is kinda funny how I'm instead using a bloody brutal red "sword" (it seems some members were actually likening my staunch modding actions with Beato's methods )
Originally Posted by KiNA View Post
To our resident sword maiden freak

Ironically enough, it has been ages I didn't do any siggy on this theme (well, to begin with, I should slack a bit less... "a bit"...)
Originally Posted by Pellissier View Post
Happy Birthday, Klash-kun!

Actually, if you think about it, he's just a clone. I mean, he was born the same day and month, but years later. He joined AS later, he became a mod later. He just watches a different kind of series than I do, to disguise himself a little bit, but in my country it is said that 3 clues make an evidence


Jokes aside, I sure would have preferred to turn 23 as well today. Hey Klash, mind if I give you 3 of my years so we get even?
Hey now, don't shorten my life span like this!
I'm sure it was another of Monir's conspiration and plotting for this kind of happening!

For those who were wondering, I was completely busy with umineko sub-forum, umineko patches, exams (succeeded, so engaging my last year in nursing)... And now this .
Well, for those who are wondering, no I didn't drop this little hobby.

Now that I have "much" more time, hopefully I will have the motivation for signatures (it has been like 2-3 months I'm postponing Dan's request... urgh...).
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