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Originally Posted by Soconfused View Post
ehhh, thats too big of a power up for ichigo, even for bleach standards. At this level he is literally stronger than every known bleach character by quite a ridiculous margin, there is no way this manga can go on much longer, everyone will be useless in comparison to ichigo.
My sentiments exactly.

Originally Posted by kache View Post
Well, technically we have yet to see the Royal Guard, which in theory should be far stronger than every known shinigami...
Ehh...Maybe. Though we can at least say that none of the shinigami who've entered the zero squad within the last 1000 years are stronger than Yamamoto based on what he stated in chapter 394. We can also assume Ichigo has become so ridiculously powerful that he's beyond the old man at this point.

Things aren't looking good for Aizen. Usually when you have a calm and composed, know-it-all villain like Aizen, there's no turning back once they give that up. And with all the yelling, shouting, and dumbfounded facial expressions seen this chapter, I've no choice to assume the likely possibility that Aizen's end is drawing near.
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