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2010 was probably the worst year for me regarding my free time, considering I had to deal with my studies, but also a lot of things (mainly Umineko patch sucking so much time it isn't even funny).

So in the end, that "break" became as long as... a full year and even more. That said, I didn't discard sig making hobby at all, so I pulled myself a bit here (and because of a "certain" person, he shall recognize himself).

For my "return", I tried something totally different from what I've done so far, and "that person" provided me an unusual picture:
original picture: Rusalka Schwägerin from Dies Irae

Due to Dies Irae's mood and storyline, it wasn't too hard to imagine a color pattern and a "mood", with a thick "emanating" aura.
However, things are a bit hard for me because the pose itself is... not really what you can exploit best with my usual sizes (no, I really can't imagine myself making any signature bigger than 120 pxl height anymore... looking back to my very first signatures give me goosebumps).
So I could only have a "focus" on a specific area, or trying to have a compromise to have the "most" of that picture:

The "full face" wasn't any good in the end: you have a very obvious "dead space" on the left. Furthermore, the arm itself became "secondary", thus the mood itself didn't put a good importance on the whole "length" of the signature but rather everything on the right.
Afterwards, it was also a matter of idea: I was thinking of some "orb" of magic, but then switched to the idea of a accumulated "mass" of swirling lightning bolts. And the more I was going with that idea, the more I became satisfied with the "crop" ratio of the face, leaving that "grin", yet leaving the expression unknown. Result with a lot of hue fun:

The text is from the real Dies Irae, the first verse in latin:
"The day of wrath! That day will dissolve the world in ashes".

That was yesterday. but now, there was something I wanted to finish, but alas, my free time AND inspiration were sunking for a... whole year. Thus, I've put a request for a bit more than a year, which doesn't stick well with me: no matter the request, I believe it is my responsibility to finish it once I accept it. So "better than later" even if it is debatable how long it took me.


Dimensions: 500 x 120

Colors / theme: The anime relies heavily on many different shades of brown and red, so I was thinking of something along the lines of a "Fall Scenery".
The notable problem for me was the color theme, but more specifically, the BG: trying to make a proper "autumn" one without being obvious (trees everywhere etc) was hard, especially I never really tried a "season" signature before so to speak. Therefore, no matter how I wasn't having trouble to figure out a good pose placement for the render, it was all naught if I couldn't figure how I would convey the mood.

In the end, I guess the dies irae signature ignited me my old habits enough.

Urgh... so long, but it doesn't seem I've lost "too much" of my "skills" after a year. I can say that after 6 months, another obstacle prevented me to jump on this hobby back: the obvious fear of sucking even more after so much time so heh.
Anyway, "back to business" I guess... and a good opportunity to update this thread (good lord, so many embarassing and shameful comments I've put in there...)
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