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So without spoiling me, is the anime ending with a cliffhanger most likely (do manga readers know?). Are they going to do an anime-ending maybe? Or just find a good spot in the manga to currently "end" it, and maybe wait for a second season?
There is a good point coming up shortly in the manga at which it's possible to end it while leaving open the possibility for a second season (needs more source material to be published first), and the preview seems to indicate things going that way as well. So it will almost certainly be an open-ended finish more or less faithful to the manga. And I'll be happy since it will end exactly where I thought it might end before the season started

HOTD is not based on a novel. And it seems likely that the OVA will be an original story.

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Exactly where is the manga going anyways?
That question might be best left for the manga thread.
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