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Originally Posted by D-KLAC View Post
look will ya stop mention thinking "kill the wabbit" or kira-Lacus really you know loyal fans would go NUKE-crazy on it.

geez look IF 3rd GS maybe it might kira-Lacus' child or descendant for it or maybe back to them again.

& why is that you should check other 2 ideas as well for

1.we get a gundam tv series with main lead gundam pilot is a WOMAN (come on where let see it through a female's point of view)
The only problem is the huge % female fans only interesting homos males thats the reason why those staff took advantages to make rating so popular.

Lets hope they make leading protagonist women we've seen enough of gays version series.

Originally Posted by Deacon Blues View Post
The only way SEED can successfully move forward is if they kill off Kira and Lacus. They're the absolute pinnacle of both series, so having something tragic happen is only natural. Plus, it'll allow them to have a FRESH START with NEW CHARACTERS that can actually make for a better story.
I agree this post why do they praising him so much like a God they just conflict-maker like World War 1 it didn't solve anything.
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