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So they extended the training part to fill an entire episode...

Well, the filler bits to flesh out Chihiro more were nicely done, so I can't complain.

She seemed stucked in ordinary depression, the one most of us get around that age, where everyone looks like talented people except ourselves. Behind her easy-going personality, she's hiding a lack of self-confidence.

I also liked how realistic Chihiro's behavior is.
Like how she tries to get closer to Keima with common stuff, or how she's looking after someone to relate to (nice double cameo of Miyako btw).
She's the kind of girl you could meet IRL, just shy enough to be cute, but strong enough to walk on her own two legs.

Her alchemy with keima is also nicely portrayed. She immedialty got casual to him (even hugging strongly before asking him for counsel). And while staying rebellous, she's still following his adv... orders.

Next episode should be 10/10 for me, with two twists in 20 minutes.
Then, we should get the report and maybe a special "M" half-episode.

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