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Ayumi... she is super cute on this episode. Did they change design because it look different for me?

......... WoW I just saw a sparkly dude. I want to kick him and hit him hard. sparkle sparkle

Chihiro is extremely cute too and her blushing face is full of HNNNNNNGGG moments. I really wonder why.

nice head cushion kami, you lucky gamer

ignoring Elsies fire truck addiction

You know the real strong points for kaminomi for me is when Kami begun sharing his vast wisdom of game. It's really interesting when his explaining it on chihiro

Ayumi is really doing her best. Chihiro watching her just give her more push. Good back up story!

Wow.reading it in manga and watching it.... it's different. I'm liking the anime more and more.

The near of the end scene with kami and chihiro. Kami can be the all knowing god but he really doesn't understand the feelings of girls.( Like I can talk )
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