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That's not what I meant with being "fate's punchingball". What I meant was he just gets shoved around by events rather then actually moving the plot. You're right about him being the golden goose, but the plot doesn't really get influenced much by Naruto, the little influence he has is pretty much a consequence of some other plot shoving his ass into the spotlight. It's really hard to see Naruto as much of a strong protagonist when most of the time he's just placed where he is rather then getting there. Which brings on another point, Naruto bunny hops a lot of the series. It's like everything is moving on its own and suddenly we reach this artificial climax and it's "naruto time".

Of course by that I don't mean it as being necessarily bad for the series, it's just kind of bad for the character.


If I look at it from that perspective the bunny hop plot is even more evident. But don't get the wrong idea here, if I didn't like it overall I wouldn't be reading.
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