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Originally Posted by GusGus View Post
Maybe because he gets big fights where he always wins
Where he gets beat up to an inch of his life, you mean?

or 'cause he gets insane power ups
Yeeaaah, he's one of the main antagonists, what do you expect?

(I even think that his power development has been better done than Naruto's)
You mean like explaining how he got his summoning contract with hawks?

or because big parts of the manga are dedicated to him and his story, etc.
The focus in the manga has always been the Uchiha. The Senju came in later as the counter-balance, but to tell the story of the Uchiha is to tell Sasuke's story, as one of the two remaining Uchiha's.

Being said that, I think that Naruto is clearly the protagonist, a fucking annoying protagonist.
No question there.
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