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Originally Posted by classic View Post
Is it a rule for foreshadows to come true? I dont`t think so. Why not make like Erza/ Elfman switch to fight Bachus? Mashima clearly wanted us to think that Erza will be his opponent. Believed we or not it is another question. The fact is you can foreshadow a lot, but they are not Charle`s premonitions. They don`t have to come real.
So, by your own acknowledgement, Mashima already does a mix of foreshadow and twist matchups. So what are you complaining about?

It would be a twist, but twists can be boring as well. I cannot tell what Mashima will decide. Don`t make me predict future plot. I am only talking about what happend already in the last chapter; that is, these boring match ups.
You'll just have to accept that you are in the minority here. Most people would rather see Gadjeel and Rogue fight each other, rather than see Gadjeel fight Cheria.

Wendy vs Zeref is absurd, but i never told that i don`t want it. It would be hilarious. Still, I wrote you possible pairings and you go from one extreme to another.
Merely following your complaint to its logical conclusion. So, if you want a mix of foreshadow and twist, then we already have that. Which renders your complaint pointless.

What i don`t like are genre cliches and can`t do anything about them. Shounen cliches. FT`s has them less than Bleach for example, but i can`t wish for more.
Cliches will be in everything you read or watch. They are what every damn story is made of. The good guy will confront the bad guy at the end. People with history or links with someone else, will confront them. If they don't, it is bad storytelling. There need to be conclusions to character arcs. You might want to learn to accept thst now, and you'll feel less grief in the future.
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