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Originally Posted by classic View Post
To have more twist matchups. Don`t make foreshadows or do them in the way that people still were not sure what is awaiting them in the story. Or would you rather know every pairing beforehand?
Foreshadowing is storytelling 101. And if you're doing it right, it's mostly subtle, and it doesn't give everything away. Just hints at what is to come. Because, honestly speaking, we *didn't* know who would match up during this, until it happened; we just had some guesses. This is just the way it turned out. Why can't you leave it like that? If Mashima didn't have Mavis as a tactical wiz in this mix, and thus they met up more randomly (but still same matchups), you may have had a point. But they didn't. Like it or not, Mashima set things up well enough. Perhaps Mavis, in her tactical thinking mind, realized Laxus was the only one who could beat Orga. Perhaps she realized Gadjeel was the best person to beat Rogue. We already saw that she set Erza up to fight Minerva, figuring Erza was the best one who could take her.

Honestly, dude, it really sounds you're nitpicking and being pedantic. We have TWO matchups that you have a problem with, out of how many this arc? Can't you just let those two fights go?
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