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I'll explain the beginning of the game from what I've played so far:


That's what I remember so far off the top of my head. Here's some more gameplay info from what I've experienced:

The SNS is very important. Remember how I said each girl has 3 Stats? The SNS is where you level up those stats. The Girl you chose will make posts on the SNS site, around 4 posts, and you have to respond to 1 of them. The posts are usually something that requires whether or not you think it's a good or bad idea (I think anyway), or it's a Event Post where you'll go into a Chat with the Girl which could lead to an Event or another Photoshoot. Depending on the outcome, 1 of the Stats will gain points. If you earn enough points, The Girl will gain a Level. As they Level Up, they will also Learn Skills, however, I don't think I'm at the part where I can Equip Skills to the girls yet. So far I've only been responding to SNS Posts and doing Photo Shoots.

You can't Respond to every post either. When you make your choice, A Week will pass on the Calendar. After your 3rd or 4th Week, you'll automatically go to the next event. You'll know when all of a sudden you get a Chat Invite from your Girl. So I'm guessing that each month, you need to figure out a right balance in raising the Stats and Leveling up your Idol. I'm not sure how long you have to get your Idol to a certain level or at what stats they need to be at. As I said, I'm still early in the game.

During the Photo Sessions, the girl will strike a pose, and you have to take pictures. You get 5 chances to take a Picture per Pose for up to 3 Poses. While taking pictures, you'll increase the Bonus Meter. To increase it by a lot, you need to find the right spot to take a picture to get a Critical. If you manage to fill up the Bonus Meter by the end of the 3rd Set, you'll enter the Bonus Set and the girl will strike a Special Pose. Taking pictures during the Bonus Round are worth a lot, but you have to make sure you're in the right spot when you take the picture. You'll know the picture you take is good by listening to Kyousuke's reaction when you take the shot. After taking the picture, you have to pick 1 Photo out of 20 (or 15 if you didn't get the Bonus Round) to put up on the SNS Site. Once you've chosen, the game will Rank the quality of the Photo from I think Poor-Good-Great-Excellent. Not sure if there's a "Perfect" or not. After being graded, the game lets you choose photos to put in your Album. While doing this, you'll see how many points Each Photo was worth, so you'll know during this part if you chose the right photo for the SNS Site. After choosing, the view count will increase.

However, During the SNS Portion, there may be Events that lead to Photo Shoots, and it's possible to add another photo to the site to increase the views, but you'll also gain a lot of points for 1 of that girl's stats. So again, watch out during the SNS Portions of the game.

The game does have Choices during the "Visual Novel" part of the game. But I don't know if they have any affect on the gameplay or if they play a part on the Story or what yet. I haven't had much time to play it, but I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it personally.

Also, here's a Tip for people thinking about playing, make sure you go into the Options and turn Autosave OFF. It's the only option under "Other". There's a very good reason for that. Each girl only gets 1 Save Slot, so you can't make Multiple Saves. I would suggest saving at the beginning of Each Month, and then tinker around with the choices you make to see what the best way is to improve each girl's Stats and Level for that month. If you're satisfied with what you got, then save once the month is over and get ready for the next one. I might redo Kuroneko's Route since I didn't turn Autosave Off. So I might start over to see if I can do better.

Also, for people like me who only understand what's being said by the voices, just a warning that not every line is voiced. Kyousuke's inner thoughts and the Chats on the SNS Page aren't voiced. Also, Events that occur due to a choice you made on the SNS Page aren't voiced either. Only Major Events are voiced it seems.
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