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Originally Posted by Hentai Guy View Post
He beat Neji with some help from the Kitsune, but the final blow was pure ingeniuity. And while Gamabunta did help him in one phase of the battle, it was Naruto that fought Gaara to the point where he had to use his last resort attack.

I don't think it's so much about his pure power (although he does have that, in spades) least pre-timeskip (excluding the VotE), it was all about strategy and exploiting both luck and weakness. True, he almost always blows a large amount of chakra using clones and what-have-you, but there's always a catch.

Naruto's style seems to be one of almost total adaptation using Naruto's strengths (unlimited chakra, Wolverine-like healing factor, and Kage Bushin), which are so general that they allow him to fight under almost any conditions (even if it gets old from time to time). While he doesn't always do the right thing right off, he usually comes up with a strategy that works. It may not be pretty, but it gets the job done. I'm really surprised we haven't seen multiple clones doing multiple would be a lot harder to just beat the shit out of clones when they're wielding balls of pure destructive chakra.
So true, Naruto is a better strategist than people ever give him for.
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