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For Vorbis I use VBR q2.0 (~96kbps) for my music collection. For anime I would use q4 or higher (~128kbps). Both encoded using AoTuVb5. Vorbis doesn't sound too good when going below q2.0.

For AAC you can go much lower. I usually use 64kbps HE in most cases. If the source is low quality then there's nothing personally stopping me from using HE v2 (PS) @ 48kbps. However I guess if you don't mind having the audio use up some space and go for a standard 170MB for 24 minutes then 80-96kbps and higher would work very well. Depends on how much you want to use for the video stream, and then just adapt the audio to it to achieve a fine balance between them.

Which is more popular... Hehe, I doubt that there is one. Both seem to have roughly the same popularity. Though perhaps AAC is more common with TV caps, and Vorbis more with DVD rips.

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Edit: if you use vorbis q2 for your music your ears are broken. :|
Not much point imo to encode it at q3 or q4 when the sources came as a 128/160kbps mp3... >_> (no-one has complained about it so far who listened to it and neither can I, and I don't consider myself as deaf; not yet anyway.)
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