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Originally Posted by ffdshow View Post
128K AAC (with iTunes), it's better than nero or faac, at least it was the case in my tests of last year.
Well thats also one of the main reasons few people care about iTunes encoder. It is CBR only and if I recall correctly only does 2 channels (or maybe they finally added 5.1 support, I don't recall remember). In this situation it is particularly useless and I would say in most others it is as well. VBR is quite useful in maintaining a certain quality level and also most importantly efficiently using bits.

Since you are encoding from a 5.1 source it would most likely be best to use AAC over Vorbis. Especially if you are going for a low filesize in the end. Since Vorbis has no lossy channel coupling it should not be able to compress as well as AAC per a given quality level. All you are left to do is choose your AAC encoder, however most are 2ch only or CBR only. I think most people would point to Nero AAC which has the most AAC features as well as having the best VBR encoder.

Edit: I could be running off old info for all the iTunes stuff, but back in the day their encoder was extremely limited and Nero was the only useful choice.
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