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Originally Posted by Sazelyt View Post
If people would have some clues about their own country, they wouldn't have faced that many dangers in another country. I believe, most of the countries share similar features, even in US (and even in northern parts of Europe) there might be places where you shouldn't go or wander alone. That is the same for others (for Turkey, for instance).

In many cases (at least the ones that I have heard on the news), the victim usually acts like a child, trusts the person she (since it is usually a female, I will use she) has just met. Trust has to be built through long duration relationship, not in one or two days (always there will be exceptions, such as one day trust, or 3-years of dishonesty). And, always try to meet with the people who know a lot about the person around you. That is usually a good measure (at least in Turkey), unless they are all part of a dangerous group (then you are really unlucky, at the time you understand that either escape before it gets out of control or if not, ready your mind to become sacrifice).
aye.. I wasn't trying malign those countries... only pointing out that behavior that is fine in the US might send very wrong signals there AND vice versa. There are universal tactics one should always use no matter where one is standing: who's around me? what are they doing? do I know this person well enough to be alone with them? have I read up on the local customs and attitudes? Are there contrary attitudes (like in, say, India) where things acceptable on one street will get rocks thrown at you on another?
Entering a man's apartment in parts of Japan alone as a single woman is a very loud cultural signal: she's willing to have sex. Subsequent refusal may end up in a loud fight at the least since she appears to have toyed with a possibly fragile ego with anger issues (which she might have known about if she'd kept all encounters in public or with other people that know both parties). Some men in Japan are rather behind the curve on this whole feminism idea.

San Francisco can be a very safe city.... if you know which apparently identical streets to stay off of. And you avoid using a car (parking is a nasty bit of combat there).
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