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Ichihara Asako
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Hmm. The things that really appeal about anime to me would be...

Obviously, storyline. Need it to catch me from the start, in some fashion or another. Even if it's something zany that compels me to watch the next episode, has to be well paced, and preferably have a solid conclusion.

Music and voices are very important to me in anime, and the primary reason I watch anime over reading manga, for the mostpart. They bring so much more life to the story.

Then, the characters. While I like a lot of cliche stuff, I also like unique and interesting characters that diverge from the norm. (Zetsubou Sensei is a good example.) This also ties in with the storyline point, you need to have somebody interesting introduced at the start, to really draw the viewer in, and they have to be well developed and have decent interaction over the course of the story.

All very vague things, really. I watch almost every genre (except sports and pure shounen/shoujo-ai) as long as they appeal to me in some regard. But having very loose tastes makes a lot of things appeal to me in some manner or another.
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