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Wow, I never thought I would get such excellent responses, you guys do not know how much you have help me in regards to expanding what makes an anime/manga good. For that I really really appreciate it.

Quite a few people have wanted me to explain a little more of what I mean so please bare with me as I give a brief summary of what's going on. I'm living in japan and am trying to submit my manga to kodansha. I was in the middle of the process of working on my first manga which was based on a modern ninja world kind of similar to dead or alive the video game. While I got finish with everything, timeline, characters, plots and whole script of first and second issue, I began drawing it and showed to my wife to gather her opinion.

She pointed out the comic might not be appealing to the audience because of how personal the manga was. Meaning it seem to fit mostly me, the creator, and not the audience who would read it. A couple examples were,

1) The main character is an african american boy, with much of the manga dedicated about his thinking.

2) The manga seem a bit to international, for example the main tournament was going to be held in the US, when these things are usually held in japan.

And a few others. That's when it hit me that I have to make a manga that's tailored to the audience just as much as it's tailored to me. I still want to have an AA being a main character just for the fact we don't really get much love in anime LOL! So my original post was going to be what make characters appealing to you, but than decide to expand the horizon and make a whole new scale of what makes everything about anime/manga grab you.

So perhaps to break it down even further. Let's go into the specific genre's. What makes a comedy manga/anime good? What about romance? Action-Adventure? Drama? Sci-fi?

An excellent question I have is, is it possible to create a manga with strong emotional and personal ties like a comedy/drama/romance manga-anime, and yet still have a very strong plot theme like action-adventure/sci-fi/fighting anime-manga?
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