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Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post
I Loved The Hina-Chan Sig Look Kawaii~ When She Shy
Nice Work Pelly On Them ^^
When you'll see the scene in the episode, it will be even cuter
Thanks ^^
Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Oh dont worry, It wasn't a serious complain or anything similar.
No worries, I know it wasn't a serious complaint

Originally Posted by KasumiGirl View Post
Heh, I really like that Hina sig of yours.
Btw, thanks for sharing that Kotomi gif *Saves*

Hope to see more wonderful .gifs from you.
KG, you're always so kind , thank you! I must say that I'm also in love with your archery sign.
As for the gifs, I'll do my best - I see you have a liking for panda so check out below

Originally Posted by Kira_Naruto View Post
Fixed for ya .. anyone = to those that gonna post something later one..
Gomen gomen, sometimes I'm really tired and I might fail connecting two dots

Originally Posted by Ice Climbers View Post
How about both of you take the blame to it alreday
Well I was going to reply the same, so just Quoted For Truth.
KiNA probably was the mind, but Riker definitely was the right arm in all that business

(just wondering, why is her knee cap shiny or is it just drawn that way haven't watched the series for quite a while)
I noticed it too, and checked other scenes when she wasn't in an emotional state, and her knees were normal.
So my guess is: when she's extremely embarassed, even her knees blush! It's something so cute that it is even difficult to believe

Originally Posted by White Manju Bun View Post
Ojousama is gonna remember that!!! Ive actually made a few static ones but I havent upped them to my icon thread yet.
Looking forward to see them ... and yup, remember that - promise is a promise ^^
I know, it generates alot of talk but I think only myself and serenade have Shigo icons right now. Killz had one for like a day before dansen took over. I need to convert him back...
I remember Deathie's Fumiko avatar, the one with the cat. This scene was so cute I actually thought to make it as my avatar, before I got anticipated.
Besides, Deathie has the only other Futami Eriko avatar around here (along with mine) ... so I'd say let's convert someone else

Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
Futami chan is hard to give up ;____;

I might do the occasional switch...or maybe when the next moe fumika moment comes around
Your avatar is the twin of mine as for sheer Futaminess ... so take all your time to switch it (I can't believe she was so lovey dovey in the last ep. =^_^=)

Lawl hina siggy...I bet pelly has been thinking of taking hayate's place

"Don't kill the main character!" O.o
With Hinagiku around, who wouldn't wish to be Hayate? (and plus there's Maria, and then Sakuya, and then Isumi....)
He's a great main character though, so at the end he deserves that ^^


Speaking of Hina, here's a sample of Hina ♥ Love, or rather how I customized an episode discussion/poll for her sake. This would be the Hayate no Gotoku - episode 48 thread (all the icons were created for this occasion so they do belong to my "collection" XD)


(actually, I also renamed this one "Shakugan no Shinratan"

Panda again!

And Ageha-sama

These gifs all come from Kimiaru

True Tears - This is Isurugi Noe




Next time Hiromi.
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