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I'm erring on the side of making Haruki not so much of a jerk that Kyonko just ups and leaves him, especially before she discovers the bit about him being a Reality Warper. I mean, I've never quite figured out why Kyon didn't just say "no way", unless either he has no objections to the concept of Girls Treating Guys Like Dirt, or he just didn't think about it. (Or maybe he's just thinking about Haruhi's looks rather than her personality.)

If nothing else, at least have Kyonko not remember that Haruki is a jerk. This is one reason why I had Itsuko pay for the drinks in my version of the SOS Brigade's day out, since now Kyonko will remember that day as "Haruki was a jerk, but no harm done" rather than "Haruki was a jerk, causing me actual material loss". It's not logical, but humans (male and female) seldom are.

Ponytail-pulling works just once, for a very short while, before Kyonko recovers from the shock that someone would actually do such a thing. After that, never again.


Random: I'm trying to figure out another part of the novels to convert, and I'm kind of drawing a blank. Should I range outside of volume 1? Should I start with what has already been converted by others? How much can I change of the canon before someone cries foul?
I at least am following the natural progress (or something) from Ch2 and onwards - seeing as that'll include rewriting a part that you've done as well, and other parts have been double-made, you can do whatever you wish - I'd recommend doing something steady though, like one chapter for itself or something.

And I think that after Kyon-ko starts getting Teh Infoz, it doesn't matter all too much what happens, because she's regaining interest in an old dream, or something. She's curious - that's my call - but I guess Itsuko can be used for money pouch once, I guess. ^^
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