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Here's something hilarious.

Someone on Komica made this 4-koma of Haruki asking Kyon to help him establish the club, with the last koma purposely left blank, as 'insert here'.

Here are the responses:

1: Not my fxxking business.

2: That was the worst flirting technique ever. Moreover, I will be calling for help if you don't let go

3: So you really don't have what it takes to be the chief... Ahahaha~

4: ZZZ...

5: Hentai! Hentai! Hentai!

6: You dumbass!

7: (Suzumiya wants Kyon to be the mascot)

8: Muscle Flash!

9: Oh!

10: (blushes) I need time to think about it, you dummy...

11: Let's... cool your head a little... (Drive Ignition!)

12: (Kyon) So annoying... I'll think about... (Koizumi) Of course! Both Kyonko and I would love to join. hohoho. //Endless pit of 5th koma awaits Koizumi

13: Oho... Haruki wants me to help him establish a club. That would mean that I will be the heart of the club... which would obviously make me an officer. First, start my conquest by recruiting a few members, and then think of ways to expand the club... and then make the school realize of our existence, and afterwards go join one competition after another. The club should be ambitious enough... to help me get there. After raking in the medals, I will become famous as the visionary, and then I will solidify my relationship with the Student Council, and then I can leave the club... what follows is me climbing to the position of the presidency of the student council, which by my own ability should pose no problem... I shall be the god of the student council!

14: (Suzumiya) It's the Gurren-dan! Let's go beyond our dreams pierce the heavens! This is the emblem.

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