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Originally Posted by germanturkey View Post
^^ yes, i saw that the first time you posted it and i still appreciate it. though this is the second time i've seen Ruka romanized to Luca. whats up with that?....
It's straight off the official site. There really is a Western name Luca, so maybe that was intended. Even though they are saying "Ruka." Anyway, I think the "L" seems exotic and interesting in Japanese.

I have the same problem figuring out whether in Macross F it should be "Ranka Ree" or "Lanka Lee" or "Ranka Lee" (as it is on ANN). The official site there doesn't have any romanization, and does the name in kana that make "Ranka Rii." Spelled Li or Lee, that's a Chinese surname.
Originally Posted by The Chaos
oh...Thanks For Listing The seiyuu...Their Faces Look Different From ANN ^.^
It's striking how different photos can make seiyuus look quite different. Sometimes it has to do with how old the photo is, sometimes it just seems to be the angle or the expression.

And thanks to you both for finding the page useful.
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