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Originally Posted by BleachOD View Post
The same way I promote IchiRuki. Alto behaves as if Ranka is the one he cares most for. Behavior is key!
That had nothing to do with what you quoted.

Originally Posted by BleachOD View Post
What part are you not understanding? Alto has been emasculated. ..
Emasculation refers to the physical or symbolic removal of the male genitals. In context, we're talking about a symbolic act, which depends on Alto's interpretation. So we can't say that Alto "has been emasculated" (implying that he was forcibly subjected to the act). At most, we can only say that Alto "percieves himself to be emasculated" or "feels emasculated".

While social pressures often influence our perceptions of what's masculine (or more often, what isn't), there's nothing absolute about the concept. Whether or not Alto percieves himself as masculine depends on his self-image and his personal definition of masculinity.

In order to resolve these feelings (if they really are an issue for him), Alto needs to address their roots. In other words, he must learn to accept himself unconditionally. Alto is a man. He doesn't need to prove anything to remain that way.

What you're promoting is a state of dependency. If the proof of Alto's manhood lies in something external to himself, then his masculinity will be conditional. At best, he'll end up living out his life in the fear that the external source of his masculinity will be "cut off".

But personally, I don't think that Alto feels emasculated. I'm simply pointing out the flipside to your ideas.
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