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Anime North 2010

Oh my god I can't believe it! I'm going to my first convention and will be summoning all of my willpower to behave myself and not get my buddies kicked out on the first day.

But seriously I can't believe I'm actually going to this thing. From what I hear the big guest will be Nobuyuki Hiyama and I hope to get his autograph. Other than that my first day goals are to try and avoid flash mob dances that breakout and to find the mecha related goodies as quickly as possible and then take it from there. The convention is taking place in Toronto as always and I'm going to be staying at the Doubletree Hilton from Thursday to Sunday. If you want to try and find me the best odds are too look for the sullen guy who isn't cosplaying hanging around with Arakune (Blazblue), Izaya (Durarara) and Hollow Ichigo (Bleach) cosplayers. Odds are also good I'll be in the mecha section if there is one or just browsing model kits etc.

Feel free to post if you are going and what plans or cosplaying you are doing. Other than that have fun!
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