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A list inspired by shonen combat manga.

The main characters
Acting stupid but steps up when everyone's down on the floor +1
Does not ignore the obvious solutions. Instead mentions why these would fail (internal monologue is fine) +1
Outclassed but wins through tactics (not stupid tactics) +1
Outclassed but wins though craziness but not all the time (eg not defending but using an exchange of your head for his head, etc forcing opponent to defend) +1
Has some hobby/quirk that is interesting (eg makes playing cards or reads a manga similar to the one he is in, in spare time)
Tactics used would require a strategist to solve -1

Redeeming the main boss (even if he turns out to be a good guy, best to let him die) -1
No humor of any sort -1
Too much humor attempts in the wrong places, eg main boss farts while fighting the last battle -1
Main boss outclasses everyone all the time so much that its ridiculous -1
Main boss has no reason to *not* involve himself but continues to let sub bosses get pounded -1
Main boss has believable reason or obviously more important task +1
Main boss does many rage inducing stuff eg getting daughter to kill mother in order to spare the lives of daughter and 2 sisters then maiming the 3 girls but letting them live (more rage is good) +1

Environment's logic must be internally consistent. It does not matter if it has no connection to actual physics/etc +1
Everything handwaved away -1

Twists foreshadowed quietly +1
Twists suddenly happens -1
A large gap between a seemingly stupid action and its explaination -1
Immediate explainaton of seemingly stupid action -1
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