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a few more things on the movie right before the first showing.

-- the story was changed from the beginning, (which is continuation and ending of MW arc.) the official site admits as much, why? did not say. but we do know the animation work did not start until the beginning of July.

-- the new story is after they came back to Mahora, Konoemon wants Negi to pick a permanent partner and erase the memory of others about magic, while Negi trying to make the difficult choice, Mars suddenly appear quite close on top of Mahora, a crisis for both the real world and the magic world...

-- for the live stage seiyu show after the first showing, 800 tickets were sold out in 10 minutes, so they are going to make it available on nico TV, Friday, 6PM Tokyo time.

-- because of that they change the schedule a bit, and LOOP OFF 20 MINUTES so they can start the live cast on the hour, people quickly assuming the worst, that Negima now instead of 60 minutes is only a 40 minutes show. I tend to think there is still a possibility that they just cut off the 10 minutes rest time between films, in any case, we will know for sure soon.
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