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Originally Posted by alumnox View Post
So in short, angra manyu's energy was purified after shirou is eaten by the dark matter. Lets remember that the dark matter its actually energy from the origin itself but corrupted by angra manyu. At the end the games says something around:

The black mud disappears and just the path remains, the holy grail.

And of course saber goes excalibur on the opened portal so this time she really gets it.
Erm, no, that's not true.

What they had there was the lesser Grail. The Great Grail is underground, with no direct connection to the lesser Grail.

And in UBW its easier. In that reality the manifestation of the grail is not even complete (the event horizon is really weak) and there was no proper core to begin with reason why they used shinji. When tohsaka rescued shinji something similar to what happened in the very first summoning of the grail (1st grail war) happens and the grail becomes unstable because of the lack of a proper core. The difference between what happened then and in UBW is that the energy from the event horizon in the first place was very little so when archer attacks its hitting the part of the system that controls the link between the core and the energy flowing underground that's why the grail system goes for gilgamesh in the end, its trying to get the missing energy to complete itself but the portal closes after gilgamesh is devoured.
Doesn't matter. The Great Grail is still around.

Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
"Dispersed" does not mean purified either. As Klashikari already stated, the dark matter was removed because of Avalon, not purified.
It's irrelevant anyway, because what they were dealing with was the lesser Grail. The Great Grail is what is corrupted, and what actually runs the wars, the lesser Grail is just how the energy is collected from the dead servants.

Originally Posted by alumnox View Post
The reason why the next grail happens sooner was Kiritsugu Emiya doing.
No, it wasn't. The two things you posted have absolutely nothing to do with the timing of the next Grail War. The Great Grail sits there and keeps collecting prana from the air, and then when it's full (which takes 60 years), it signals the next war. It's never explicitly stated why the fifth war happened so soon after the fourth, but most likely there was prana left in the lesser Grail for some reason.
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