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wizvelasco@Why no. It's no like that the Harem can't go on ,If Ise and Rias go Marry.Plus we alredy know that Ise would probally do that. I mean the boy dream about marry her in vol 2 and like Bear killer say time ago you not dream to marry someone if you no seriously about her. What more we alredy know that Rias family want this as well ,hell for the whole underworld they already marry.Plus after what happen in vol 11 I'm sure that would be something they will really think. So ...for now we know that the probally future Ise's wife will are....Rias ,Akenoand koneko (after the confession vol 11) and Asia(because we kno the whole thing).For the other girl I wonder a this point lol.
One thing for sure ...Ise it's luky and I'm sure he will spoil when he come back

Or what fazri that I think about... the whoe harem thing in the devil world allow multi wife or one wife and the other mistress like fazri say? (because I always thought multi wife.)

n0m@n @ But that's it's exactly why we like Ddraig more don't we?XD
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