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Originally Posted by sayde View Post
One thing I found interesting in this chapter was Unohana's comment:
"I am strong...stronger than anyone...but you".
What if that was a literal statement? Could that have meant Kenpachi>Unohana>Yamamoto>Aizen?
I mean as things stand, its not like there's any conclusive way to disprove it.
and yama-jii said he was the strongest in a 1000 years. also, aizen needs to be qualified with stages. for instance, yama jii was stronger when they fought, but he couldnt kill aizen and aizen would have kept evolving to be stronger eventually. one of the butterflaizen variations was probably stronger based on the fact that yamajii's reiatsu could be felt and aizen's couldnt

Originally Posted by saravis View Post
Called it, I had a feeling it was Unahona bringing him back and not some immortality.
oddly enough, him being immortal makes more sense to me than him being such a powerful child and subconsciously making himself weak...

Funny that you mention that because whats happening now seems to be the same as what happened to Hinamori. Unahona healed her from a "fatal" wound. After recently watching the SS arc and seeing Unahona draw her sword to heal Hitsu and Hina, I've become convinced that her Zanpaktou is a healing type.
it definitely is. we saw her put injured people in the mouth of her released zanpakutou in order to heal them

Originally Posted by askara View Post
i cant help but feel those chapter about kenpachi is just pure bullshit. also ichigo is just a super fruit punch blend
no idea what you mean, but it's hilarious
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