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I would say it's because they act as we want them to act.

School Rumble gives us what we want : normal to crazy characters interacting with each other the way which entertains us the most.

The second reason would the double (triple ? quadruple ? ) use of "dense as a rock" character. Harima, Tenma, Hanai and Imadori ...
How could you resist to so many impulsive, silly, predictable yet surprising numberous people.

It's reminds me "Road Runner and Will Coyote" for Warner Bros (don't know the real title in US).
You know the wolf will fail, but you don't know how ... just like School Rumble !

Also, the most famous mangas, animes, movies ou books are mainly composed of stereotipical characters. That's why they sell so good : Anyone can recognize himself in one of them.

(sorry for the bad writing, it's 2:00 am in France ... )

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