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Originally Posted by Solstice Cross View Post
No better worded then that! Because there isn't a funny dead (Unless Spinzaku was curdling in pain and agony, a pool of blood his only companion. That would be funny, also gets what he deserved.)

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Sort've like Jeremiah. He lost most of his sanity at Narita, but near the end of R2, he was a full-fledged badass. Like that one motivational poster: "%0 machine, 50% human, 200% F***ing LOYALTY!"


A question for generics: Who si you're favorite Darlton kid (There was apparently alot, most of them becoming the Glaston Knights.)
Kewell is my favorite Dalton Kid. If anybody remembers how Kallen got her Guren Seiten then people should know
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