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Originally Posted by Sonozaki Futagotachi View Post
Renapan is probably...the least silly of the minigames. lt's a simulator to learn how to dodge Rena's punches, which is actually 'useful' compared to the setup for the other games.

I took a look at Renapan online, and the way to play is simple but tricky.
If she throws a right punch, click on the right side of the screen (to avoid it).
If she throws a left punch, click on the left side of the screen (same idea).
However, if you avoid it too soon, the punch will still get you - you have to wait until the fist has almost hit, and click at that moment. The timing's the hardest thing to get used to in this game, really.

It's not the same as the game within the novel - there it doesn't matter _where_ you click. You do a left-click for a left punch, and a right-click for a right punch. The timing's just as much of a pain there though. And of course you don't hear Rena talking . Oh, and there's 3 stages to the game - you have to avoid 100 punches to clear each one! There's dialogue explaining the idea of the game, and more between each stage, which I'm of course translating so players won't be left in the dark. The dialogue banter is fun too, I hope you enjoy it.

Shion (Sonozaki Futagotachi)
Thank you very much for the advice, but sadly, I still suck at it T_T. Oh well, it's still fun to listen to rena talk ^_^.
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