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Originally Posted by Sonozaki Futagotachi View Post
Hmm, are you trying to load a game that you saved from before the Day 5 release?
Are you using an onscripter-en other than the one that came with the beta patch?
I was trying to load my save that was just before the start of Day 9 and I used the onscripter-en that came with the beta

As for the RenaxK1... well, you could think of the first 3 games as 3 different "paths" in a dating simulation. Onikakushi is the Rena path, Watanagashi is the Mion(?)/Shion(?) path, and Tatarigoroshi is the Satoko path. (Himatsubushi is sort of a Rika path, but with a different protagonist.) Neat, huh?
No wonder Watanagashi is my favorite arc of the first 4 games
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