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just posted my savegame testing to the Sonozaki Futago-tachi sisters, but I think I will say it here for those who want to upgrade before those sisters manage to magic up a fix for it.

Save games made during the TIPS Save/Load screen will crash when loaded in a different version. No matter which save it is (just tried it with on a TIPS save after day 4 as well - same result). If you want to save after that, for now you will have to either save just before, or just after (as in once the VERY first line of text appears) the save screen. (and thats what their last magic fix supported)

also, you shouldnt have too much of a problem loading your game back into Day5 Patch (extra folders are fun!) and loading that save game, just to advance to the first line of text and save again. Thats a nice work around for now, so that your not stuck.
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